Noah's island story- DAY 6 (September 27th, 2004; 8a/7p)

Went for another walk today. Haven't heard whispers for a while. When I came back, I heard that some girl drowned. I guess I kinda jinxed it, when I said there was still 47. Learned three more names, this morning. Boone, Shannon (his sister) and Jin, the Korean guy. He also has a wife. He offered me fish but, there's no way I'm eating that. Never like sushi. Then, I talked to some british guy. Didn't catch his name.

Pregnant lady passed out and then, I found out that we were low on water. Jack found some caves in the jungle, with water. Then, I found out that Boone took the water. Everyone started freaking out but, Jack made a speech. It was awesome.

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