A couple people went off to hunt boar. Never eaten boar before...But, if the only source of protein is raw fish from that Chinese guy, I'll have to try it. That damn dog keeps jumping all over me. Maybe, I smell weird or something. The three people that are hunting boar: Michael, some guy named, Locke, and a girl. Still haven't really learned peoples' names. But, still keeping low profile.

Met this pregnant girl, Claire. She's gonna make a funeral service for the dead people on the plane. Then they're gonna burn the fuselage. That girl and Michael came back after boar. Michael was injured and Locke pulled the short straw. Rumor has it, he's dead now. Poor guy. We needed him. He was a hunter.

Locke isn't dead! He came back, with dinner. Phew! We've narrowed the survivors down to 47 but, not 46. They're burning the fuselage, now. Man, I'm tired. Still, no rescue but, I'm kinda getting used to this rock.

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