DAY FOUR (September 25th, 2004; 10a)

Oi vey! I woke up this morning to some high pitch noise. Haven't really found out what it is, yet. One of the many mysteries, in my crazy life. I went for a walk and heard those damn whispers, again! Michael found his dog. Turns out, he has a son, Walt. Good kid but, they just met for the first time in years. I talked to Hurley today. He's a funny guy. My kids would like him. I also met this guy, Ethan. There's something about that seems...fake. Maybe, he's a salesman or something. Didn't ask him.

Ugh...At first, I was glad the dog was back. He woke us up, barking. Then, he ran into my tent and almost destroyed. Now, it's 11pm and I have nothing else to do. Anyways, Vincent, the dog, was barking at a ton of boars, who were going through the dead bodies in the fuselage. Disgusting...They need to do something about it. I feel kinda bad, just standing on the sidelines, waiting for them.

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