DAY TWO (September 23, 2004; 11a)

Wow...the rest of last night was crazy. First, we heard some noises on the jungle. It sounded like a monster, pulling up trees. We were all freaked out. It seems like everyone's forgotten, now. I'm sure that they all think there's some logical explanation for it. After that, I went into the jungle (I wasn't that scared) and heard something. Like, whispers. One of them even sounded like someone I knew. It was weird but, I was just tired and freaked out. Miss my wife and kids. Hope someone comes.

Today, this guy, Michael asked if I saw a dog. No luck for him but, I'm keeping my eye out. There's some gut bleeding like crazy, with a shrapnel stuck in his chest. I'm sure he would rather die. Met this guy, Neil. I kinda hate him but, I stick "friends" with him, just in case. Nothing else happened today, I guess. Some Arab guy and a couple others went off to get a signal with the transceiver thing. Didn't really wanna go. Whatever...I'll just keep a low profile, for now.

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