"It Never Ends"
Episode 1.01

Main cast

Guest stars

  • Johnny Franklyn- 14
  • Arnie Dale- 48
  • Norman Benson- 49


  • Flight attendant
  • Passenger
  • Jean Jacket girl

It was the beginning of the end. Clark woke up on his plane. Half asleep, he thought everything was fine. But, nothing was fine. Something was different. He wiped the gunk out of his eyes and looked to his right. He could've sworn someone was sitting next to him. Then, he looked to his right. A window. But, out the window, all he saw was a beach. A long beach with about 20 people running around. What's going on?

He was still half-asleep and he wasn't thinking straight. Maybe, he was just dreaming. Then, something hit him. Some sort of flash, right before his eyes. An emergency. People freaking out and screaming. That's all he remembered. He stood up and the plane rocked. He looked out another window. The plane was tipping on the edge of a cliff.

"Oh, no. No. No!" he yelled to himself. This was not happening. "Damnit!"

Megan heard him. "Hello?" she whispered, hiding under a seat. She was scared and thought that there was someone on the plane. Someone bad. "Is someone there?"

"Yes! Yes!" Clark replied. "I'm a survivor! Where are you?"

She revealed herself from her hiding place. A young girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a fancy blue dress and was holding on to a black bag, tightly. She was shaking and looked as though she saw a ghost. Frightened and slowly, she walked towards Clark.

"Don't be afraid," Clark said. "We just need to get off this plane," The plane rocked. "As soon as possible," he added.

"My name is Megan." She had already reached Clark by now and the plane rocked again. She fell into his arms and looked up at his pale face and dark eyes.

"Don't be afraid," he repeated. He gave her a half a smile.

Megan looked down at his hip and noticed a large wound, still gushing blood. "Oh my gosh," she worried.

"Don't worry about." He took her hand and helped her down the aisle of the plane, as it rocked back and forth. Clark felt proud about this. He had never been one to help people. He felt like a hero. Slowly, stepping off the plane, the screams from the beach grew louder and louder. They both stumbled out of the plane gave a sigh of relief. It continued to rock, though. Back and forth, back and forth, back...The massive Boeing 737 turned even father off the cliff and crashed...again.

It threw them off. They both fell to the sand. "What..." Megan started.

"That doesn't matter! Come on!" He grabbed her hand and ran to the beach, where he counted 14 more survivors, all even more shocked than he was. One girl, in a blue jean jacket looked like she lost someone. Clark was on the plane alone and had know idea, what she felt. Megan held her bag even tighter.

There was one survivor that Clark knew needed help. A young boy stumbled around the beach. Clark ran to him and helped him to safety. Just in time.

Something snapped. An explosion of some kind. Clark didn't know what it was. But, he knew that the other 13 survivors weren't okay. "Stay here!" he warned the kid. One by one, he tried to wake up the survivors. To his surprise, only two of them were seriously injured. The girl in the jean jacket and an old woman, who seemed to have fractured her leg. "Is anyone a doctor?!" An asian woman approached him.

"I just finished med school," she answered. "I've never exactly had any..."

Clark stopped her. "Can you or can you not help her?"

"Yes, I can help her."

Megan had watched all this. She admired Clark. He saved her life and she could never repay him. "Excuse me," a voice asked. She turned and saw the boy, to her right, sitting in the sand. "Have you seen my dad?"

She didn't know how to answer. To her luck, Clark called her over. "Hey! Megan!"

"I'm sorry. Not that I know of," she quickly answered. He looked down and nodded. "My name is Johnny."

"Megan," she told him.

That girl in the jean jacket had died. "I was sitting next to her," Megan said. "Do you think she'll live?"

Clark looked at Ji Yeon, the asian woman, helping the old woman. "She said she could help her." Ji Yeon was focused on helping her. The old woman was scared and couldn't accept her possible fate.

"Okay, ready?" Ji Yeon said. She nodded and Ji Yeon set her leg, as she let out a long shriek. "Okay! Okay, I set it. I set it."

"Am I going to live?"

"Yes, you are. I promise."

Megan and Clark had moved father down the beach. "What about the others?" Megan asked.

"What about them? They seemed to have calm down." Megan looked back at the beach. People were actually smiling as if nothing had happened. Shaking hands, talking. They weren't worried but, she was.

"Clark, why weren't there any people still on the plane?"

"What?" he said.

"The plane. Where we woke up. The seats were all empty. Where did they all go?"

Clark had to think about this. He hadn't realized it. They couldn't have all disappeared. The man sitting next to him. Where did he go. He wasn't one of the survivors. Clark remember a book he read about people disappearing from a plane. He wasn't quite a believer in magic but, this was interesting. Clark finally answered, "I don't know."

It was almost an hour ago that he had seen that man sitting next to him. That was when the plane was fine and still in the air. "Excuse me," the passenger asked, "do you have the time?"

Clark looked at his empty wrist. "Sorry," he realized. "I could've sworn I put my watch on this morning."

"That's okay." The man continued to read his book entitled, "Left Behind." Clark felt like it was familiar.

A flight attendant walked by. "Can I get you anything, sir?" She put on a fake smile and turned her head.

"No. I'm fine." She walked away, unsatisfied.

"Atention all passenger," the pilot's voice came on the intercom. Clark seemed to recognize the voice. "Could Clark Cameron please report to the cockpit? That is all. Thank you." Clark smiled and got out of his seat. The flight attendant came to him.

"You're Mr. Cameron?" she asked.

"Nobody else."

"The pilot would like to see you." He followed her to the front of the plane and wondered what the hell he wanted.

Night had arrived and Clark sat with Megan. "Why were you on the plane?" he asked.

"Going to my friend Monica's wedding. Always the bridesmaid. Never the bride."

"That explains the dress." He paused and thought for a second. "Who would've known?"


"Pan Pacific Airlines Flight 888, flying from Boston, Massachusetts to LA. Who would've known it would crash?"

"Maybe the one who bombed it." Clark was confused. It was possible that there was some terrorist on the plane who bombed but, why would she ever think that? She continued. "You saw what happened. That explosion out of nowhere. No wreckage. No nothing. It just exploded."

"I guess that makes sense. But, let's hope whoever may have done it, isn't alive now."

Seven campfires lay across the beach. The first, with Clark and Megan. The second, Anne Greenfield and Walt Lloyd. Anne poked at the fire. Walt looked at her. "This your first plane crash?" he asked.

"How'd you know," she joked. She thought it was a joke. It wasn't.

Jeff MacCutcheon sat with Charlie Hume. Jeff had dark brown hair and seemed to be an ordinary young guy, who lived with his parents. Charlie had blond curly hair and sad brown eyes. He spoke with scottish accent. "You were raised in Scottland?" Jeff assumed.

"No," Charlie said. "My father used to. I guess I was just raised around it. But, I can put on an American accent, if you'd like."

"I'm Jeff."

"My name's Charlie, brotha'."

Henry Anderson who was more commonly called "Red", because of his dark red hair watched over the old woman with Ji Yeon Kwon. The woman was asleep now. and Red introduced himself. "I'm Red."

"You're red?" Ji Yeon asked.

"My name. My nickname is Red," Red corrected himself and then gestured to his hair.

"It might be helpful to know your real name," Ji Yeon said.

"Henry Jacob Anderson."

"It's nice to meet you Red. I'm Ji Yeon."

It was love at first sight. Julian Carlson took a seat next to Clementine Phillips, after noticing her beautiful blond hair. "Hello," he said, smiling.

"Hi," she said, smiling. "I saw you on the plane."

"Really? I hope I didn't do anything embarrassing."

"No, no," she giggled. "I'm Clementine."

"My name's Julian." Julian decided to use some of his charm. "Well, I thought you looked cold." He handed her a blanket and she accepted.

"Thank you, Julian. You're a good guy."

Julian liked hearing this. Throughout his whole life, he always felt that nobody liked him. That he just always ruined everything. He had never been called a good guy. Clementine was right. He was a good guy and little did he know that someday he would be a great guy.

Aaron sat in the sand and looked at the moon. The waves slowly went in and out and he pondered about why he had been brought back to the island. He knew it was for a reason but, why now? He looked across the Dani Knight, who was also looking at the waves and the moon. He knew she was sitting next to him on the plane. He knew that she got up to go to the restroom more than 10 times. Little did he know that she was thinking about the same thing he was, "Why am I here, again?"

Morning slowly arrived. The sun rose from behind the mysterious and dangerous forest. No one dare go in there after what happened last night. Clark, Anne and Walt were trying to figure out what to do. "We can't just stay here!" Clark began. "You saw what that thing did!"

Walt tried to calm him. "Look," he said, "the only way to get out of the area is through the jungle. The cliff's blocking the perimeter of the island on both sides of the beach. We're staying here."

Anne jumped in. "Walt, I think he's right. As quick as possible, we need to get out of this beach." She paused and devised a plan. "Tonight, all at once, we go into the jungle."

"I agree," Clark said. He liked being right. "How many survivors did you count?"

"Sixteen," Walt said. "Including the injured."

"This won't be too hard, then," Clark said.

Dani hadn't moved a bit. Still staring out at the waves. She hadn't had any sleep. Aaron had gone to get food. Coming back with two papayas, he sat next to Dani. "Papaya?" he said with his mouth full of the first one. She grabbed it without saying anything. Aaron didn't think she was okay. He thought that maybe she had lost someone in the plane. "My name is Aaron," he began. No reply. She just stared out to the ocean. He tried again. "What is your name?"

She looked down to the sand and then back to the waves. Then, she nodded and said with a Russian accent, "It's best not I tell you that."

Aaron stared at here. He stared at her pitch black hair and her pale skin. And a tattoo of a star on her neck. She stared at the waves. What was that supposed to mean? Why can't she just tell her name? This was all very weird for him. He didn't want to leave, yet. So, he tried to make small talk. "What happened last night." No answer. He was beginning to sound stupid. "I didn't see it. I just heard someone screaming." Nothing. This was getting ridiculous. He stood up and left.

"It's not working," Charlie said, holding the transceiver that Red and Julian found. "We have to get to higher ground."

"You sure you know how to use this?" Julian said.

"Aye. After my father died and my mother got sick," Charlie said, "I joined the army." He was very focused on the transceiver. As if, it was all that mattered.

Clark joined the group. "What's going on?" he interrupted.

"Charlie's trying to get a signal on the transceiver," Red said.

Clark nodded. "Okay," he said. "I just wanted to let you guys know that we're leaving in an hour."

Charlie stopped. "Where we goin', brotha'?"

"We have to get out of this area. You know what happened last night."

"Aye," he said. "Just gonna go stomping right through the jungle, then?"

"Yes," Clark said. "Yes, we are."

It had been five hours of hiking through the jungle, and the sun was about to set. Clark led the group, along with Anne and Walt. Ji Yeon and Red were carrying the old woman on a stretcher. Dani was next, who stay focused and didn't say a word. Aaron watched from behind, just as confused as before. Megan, Jeff, Johnny and two survivors were walking separate from eachother, just playing follow the leader. The beautiful, Clementine walk alone, as she was admired by Julian. And, all the way in the back of this giant exodus, was Charlie working on the transceiver as they got higher and higher.

"I've got it!" he exclaimed.

"What?" Julian asked, running to him. "What happened? What's going on?"

The whole group had stopped to look at Charlie, who put the transceiver up to his ear. "Hello?" he began. "Hello? Hello! I'm one of the survivors of Pan Pacific Airlines flight 888!"

"Is he serious?" Megan asked Jeff.

"Aye! Yes!" he yelled. He smiled, in excitement. Then, his smile slowly turned into a frown. "Damnit!"

"What?" Julian asked.

"Just, forget it, brotha'," he said. "It's nothing."

Clark took Charlie aside. "What's going on?"

"I had it. I had a signal."

"Yes. Yes and you told them. They're on their way, right?"

Charlie shook his head. "They thought it was bloody joke. And, then I lost the signal. Just, forget it." Clark continued to look at him with hope in his eyes. "Just forget it, Clark!" Clark nodded and Charlie walked away. Then, Clark heard someone yell for him. It was Anne's voice.

"What's going on?" he asked as he approached. She didn't have to answer that question. Clark looked up to see a giant half of the plane, crashed into a tree, in the jungle.

"Captain," the flight attendant said. "Clark Cameron, here to see you."

Clark stared at the captain, as he stood up. Clark noticed prosthetic leg and knew exactly who it was. "Son of a bitch," he said. "Norman Benson!"

"The one and only."

"Oh my god."

"How the hell are you, kid?"

"I can't believe it's you. I haven't seen you in years!"

"Hey, Clark. I'd like you to meet a friend of mine." The co-pilot stood up and put out his hand as Clark shook it. "This is Arnie Dale, the best co-pilot in all of the world!"

Arnie chuckled. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Cameron."

"It's a pleasure." He turned back to Norman. "So, what can I do for you, Norman?"

Interrupting this, something in the cockpit started beeping. Norman abandoned the conversation to check on this. "Damnit!" he said.

Arnie turned to him. "Mr. Cameron," he said, "you have to get out of here."

"What's going on? What is that?"

"Please, sir."

Clark was scared. Norman was yelling into his transceiver about the plane making an emergency landing, as a flight attendant pulled him out of the cockpit. He wanted answers. All the flight attendant said was, "Please return to your seat, Mr. Cameron," over and over again. It was as if she was a robot and she had no feelings. A seatbelt sign went on and Clark gave up. As he sat down in his seat and buckled up, he closed his eyes in fear. Norman tried to make an emergency landing. Norman tried. But, Norman failed.

Clark had stared at the cockpit for almost a minute, now. And Anne grew impatient. "Well," she said. "What do we do?" Without saying anything, Clark walked towards the cockpit, as Walt and Megan followed him.

He thought it was weird. Walking through your plane but, this time it wasn't in the air. It was in the jungle. Passing by empty seats, where people may have just disappeared. Clark was still left confused. He finally reached the door, where he had visited an old friend. Slowly creeping through it he looked at Norman's seat. But, he wasn't looking at Norman at all. Nothing. He was gone. Just disappeared. Walt and Megan caught up to him. Clark turned to the other chair where he saw Arnie. He seemed to be unconscious and Clark tried to shake him awake. "Arnie!" he said. "Come on, Arnie!"

"You know him?" Megan asked.

Arnie blinked his eyes open and looked at Clark. "It's okay," Clark said. He began to say more but, Arnie began to strangle him and purposely try to murder him. Anne and Walt tried to stop him. Arnie had a realization and stopped.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Cameron!"

"It's okay," Clark said. "But, what's going on?"

Arnie shook his head and looked down. "She was here," he whispered, as if there was someone there still watching him.

"Who?" Clark asked. "What do you mean?"

"The bomber!" Arnie raised his voice. "She was here and then she just disappeared! And, Norman! He disappeared too!" Arnie was frantic.

"Yes," Clark said. "I know. Everyone else disappeared."

Arnie continued. "We were trying to make a landing. There was a warning sent. That someone was trying to destroy the plane!" Megan glared at Clark.

"Arnie, you have to calm down," Clark said. "Get me some water!" he yelled to Walt. Walt searched through a cooler and gave Arnie a full ice cold water bottle. Arnie drank half of it in a split second. Clark spoke again. "Arnie, can you tell me what the bomber looked like?"

"Yeah," Arnie nodded. "She had long dark hair but, her skin was very white. She was skinny and wore all black. And she had a tattoo of a star on her neck!"

"Anyone we know," Anne asked.

"I don't think so," Clark said.

Back at the beach, Dani had made a run for. She knew that if he was alive she was in deep trouble. But, Aaron didn't take his eyes off of her. He chased her through the jungle, without her even knowing. Aaron knew that Dani did something bad. He stared at her dark hair and her pale skin. And her tattoo of a star on her neck.


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