Dear LOST-lovers,

I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW, this is so off-topic but, I need internet friends to hep me out with this idea I have.

I hope some of your are as big Harry Potter fans as I am. I am working on a project involving a website where you can go online into the world of Hogwarts and go to classes, get sorted and all that jazz. The website ( is not at all big yet but, if you join me soon, I will make you an admin and you can help me with it. You should also know that it is Proboard-form and you should make an account for yourself. Check the website every couple days and soon enough, Hogwarts will be finished.

Otherwise, get the word out to other people! ( :

I hope I haven't forgotten anything. Any questions, just e-mail me:

It's time to let go of Lost and enter the world of magic.

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