Made up a plan today, very early. I asked Locke for a knife. When he asked me why I needed it, I told him honestly that I was leaving. He told me I was either being extremely smart or very foolish. I didn't know which I was either. He gave me one and I left.

I encountered Ethan in the jungle with a gun. He pointed it at me. I said I mean no harm and begged for my life. I told him I was leaving and asked him where he came from. Reluctantly, he said to me that there was shelter three days walk North from here. He gave me his gun and his backpack. I asked him wouldn't he need it? But he said he'd find another way. Quickly before he left, I asked why he was doing this. He replied, "Because you're worth it."

Started going North today. I heard whispers in the jungle. I haven't heard them since we crashed here. God, I must be going crazy. How am I gonna survive out here. In Ethan's backpack was about a day's worth of food. I ate a little every once in a while. This is really happening isn't it?

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