DAY TEN (October 1st, 2004; 5p/10p)

Happy October! I finally found the caves. When I came back, everything had gone all "Lord of the Flies." Sawyer, the guy who shot the marshall, took Shannon's asthma inhaler. Now, she's having an attack and Jack and Sayid are torturing him. This is crazy. Boone's taking good care of her. I wish me and my sis had a good relationship, like that. Charlie asked me for peanut butter. I laughed and gave him an empty can that I found in the wreckage. I guess that's a good coincidence, or fate.

Sayid left camp, today. He's ashamed of what he's done. He's also gonna try to map out the island and see what else there is. I told Janelle about the dead body, in the cove. She didn't seem too surprised.

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