Jin beat up Michael, today. Have no idea why but, they hadcuffed him to some wreckage. I asked where they got the handcuffs. There was a prisoner on the plane! Then, I asked Hurley and he said it was "kinda a secret." He told me anyway. It was Kate, the girl who went on the hunt with Locke. Speaking of, I talked to Locke, about Walt, today. Michael doesn't want Walt to be with him. I don't know why. Locke's a really smart guy. Then, Locke had to leave, because he was gonna get water, at the caves.

Locke asked me to help find a guitar for Charlie, the british guy. He was in a band, "Drive Shaft." Never heard of them. Locke found it on his own. I told him that I was moving to the caves. Jack proposed the idea, a while before. Seems like it's good shelter. I won't have to go far to get water.

Jin's wife speaks English! I saw her actually speak English to Michael. She says it's a secret and that her husband doesn't even know. I'll keep her secret. Her name is Sun. The reason Jin beat up Michael is because of some watch that he was wearing. I don't know. Oh my god! As I was writing this, I was making camp in the caves and I just found two skeletons. I should probably move somewhere else. Maybe, there was people on this island, before us. Where the hell am I?

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