I've been living with these Natives for over a week. They kidnapped me but it turns out that they're not the ones trying to hurt us. Ethan was just different. These days have been so great actually I haven't had time to write. I've made many friends and one of their leaders, Beatrice, told me that I can live here if I want. I wanted to say yes but alas, I have a life to get back to. I tell her that I just want to go home. She says she understands but tells me there is one condition. I have to go back to the camp for a few days and infiltrate. She says I need to keep a close eye on Walt; watch his every move. She gives me this walkie-talkie and tells me if anything goes wrong, call and either she or Tom will answer. I tell her thank you but when I ask why she says I can't tell.

Now, Tom is driving me to the camp.

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