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May 9, 2006
  • LOSTonthisdarnisland

    I'm still getting a

    "You are still connected to the Old Forum Server. Maintenance is complete. The forum has moved to new servers and has a new IP address. If you're still seeing this message it's because your computer still has the old address in it's cache.You can also try to clear your browser's cache. If that doesn't work and you continue to see this message, then the changes to DNS have not completely propagated. The easiest way to solve this problem is to close your browser and come back in a few hours. Admin"

    error message, even after "a few hours".

    Is there something wrong with the forum?

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  • LOSTonthisdarnisland

    Before I noticed the lovely pot of gold and shamrocks coming out of the plane's arse on the Wiki header, I loaded Recent Changes to find green text along with the normal collection of red-link names. As it's 18 March in Australia, it didn't even dawn on me at first it was still St Paddy's in the States. My first thought was WTH is up with the Christmas colours???

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  • LOSTonthisdarnisland

    Not everything is going to be fixed by time travel. Jacob isn't Horace and Amy's baby, who travelled back in time and ruled over the Others so by 1954 Richard would recognise his name when Locke showed up. But what if some things can be fixed, or at least changed? Or can they?

    Daniel insists that the past cannot be changed, and whatever happened, happened. Is Daniel self-delusional? Is he afraid of a change he knows he is supposed to make because he worries about the butterfly effect?

    The past has already been changed to some extent just by the presence of our merry band of time traveling, now-DHARMA-uniform-wearing Losties and Science folk in the past. Even if you subscribe to the "they were meant to be there so it's not really changi…

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  • LOSTonthisdarnisland

    My DH was laughing at me when he caught me rewatching the first episodes of S5 again right on the heels of watching them the day before. Actually, he'd laugh even harder if he saw me watch one right after I finished watching it moments before, LOL.

    Does anyone else do this?

    (and does anyone know why I can't leave comments on these blogs. I've written up several, only to notice that they didn't post. I can't even comment on my own blog post.)

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