I got plenty of responses the last time I posted this article, but would like to get some new light and ideas on it. I am reposting to see if some fresh faces would like to comment and add their 2 cents. Thx

I think the smoke monster being explained is the biggest key to the whole Island mystery and LOST show in general. Dismissing everything else as explainable by science I can agree with but an entity that has thought and can kill in the form of smoke cannot be from this realm and must be an unnatural phenomenon. If not a Genie, I just want to hear other ideas and possible theories. I don't mind mine being debunked unless another idea is not proposed in its place in your post. I have read ideas on everything within the show and many of them you can make a great case for but the smoke monster just does not fit with anything yet that I have seen or read. I would greatly appreciate your comments on this subject. It is the biggest mystery of the show to me.

unrelated: Thought for a new theory - The Island has a Hadron Collider\Atom Smasher below ground and is causing black holes and time fluctuations! whew, my brain hurts.

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