My guess is that the 1st episode of the final season is going to show us where the losties are and what they are doing since jughead was detonated and there was a reset. This will continue and drag out for about 3 episodes before we start getting into anything that will deal with what happened prior to the reset and what is to come. I also believe that the reset that occurred during 1977 will not reset events for the losties that did not time travel during the crash of the Ajira 316 flight and those guys will still be on the Island battling the forces that be. After we get past the first 3 episodes we will begin to see the losties remembering what had occurred to them on the Island and they will begin to search for one another. It will take another 4 episodes for all of them to get back in touch and form a plan to get back to the Island in an attempt to rescue the other Losties that remained behind in 200? after the Ajira 316 crash. It will take another 3 episodes for them to get in touch with Desmond, Penny, Ellie, Widmore and possibly DeGroot and Hanso (which they will inform the situation to and then be told the truth about the Island)to find another way back. After another 2 or 3 episodes they will finally make it back to the Island to find there friends and Island colleagues in a battle against the forces that be for their lives. After winning the battle, putting time as it should be and destroying the Island the Losties will find themselves all looking at each other smiling while exiting the plane at LAX. That will complete the Sixth and final season of approximately 18 episodes. The End!

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