Okay, so we know that since the beginning of Season 1 that people have been touching other peoples fingers for some weird reason. This is shown plainly by the camera to make sure we see it if we are paying attention. At first I thought it was just some running gag like the Scott and Steve thing but since S5 when Jacob is seen touching peoples fingers I have went back and started re watching it like a fetish! I recently noticed it occurring a lot more than I had originally realized. Like Ana and Goodwin before she kills him and The CIA guy from the Swan (always forget his name, I think it is Kelvin)and Sayid when Sayid hands back the box of tools. I am beginning to think that something is traveling this way or the person doing the touching is able to change into the other person after absorbing a little DNA from their finger. Weird Right. I know everyone else thinks it is the old Mr. Destiny Theory but I am not convinced. Maybe it is something traveling from person to person and collecting information from each one of them. Maybe for brief periods of time the entity is posing as each one of them without us realizing it. I am going back to re watch and see if at any point I can notice if one of the characters should be somewhere else when they are in a different place. Like seeing Jack on the beach maybe when he is supposed to be in the Swan (just an example, have not seen this). Will let you know what I find.

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