Riddle me this, Riddle me that.... I believe the light source is a big F'ing trap!

The Source, also known as the Heart of the Island, is a mysterious location on the Island. It consists of a glowing yellow light in a tunnel into which a river flows, ending in a waterfall near the light. The light is considered "beautiful", "the warmest, brightest light you've ever felt". However, to enter the light is forbidden, and is said to cause a fate "worse than death". ("Across the Sea")

It is said to be a physical manifestation of "life, death, rebirth". Humans are said to covet the Source because a little bit of the very same light is inside every man—"but they always want more". According to Mother, while humans are incapable of taking the light, their attempts to do so could "put it out. And if the light goes out here... it goes out everywhere." ("Across the Sea")

What could Mothers riddle mean?

My guess is that it is possibly knowledge. What is yours?

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