Have you LOSTEES seen this?

Lindelof and Cuse announce in their upcoming podcast (it was leaked online early right here) that the Season 6 finale -- airing May 2010 -- will be directly followed by a big-screen Lost movie hitting theaters that July.

"We said we weren't going to do a movie previously," Lindelof says, "but we were mapping out Season 6 with the writers before going on break for the summer, and it was clear the regular two-hour finale thing wasn't going to cut it."

"Usually we have a normal hour and then we have to go to ABC and ask for an extra hour to fit everything in," Cuse adds, "but we really didn't want to make you sit through a four-hour finale this time just so we could tie everything up."

I don't know why they sound so apologetic -- ending the series with a movie means a bigger budget, and a high-profile summer release gets me really excited. Plus, it means more Lost: basically a win-win.

Naturally, they can't reveal anything about the plot yet, but they do note that the May finale will have a reasonable amount of closure on its own -- allowing the movie to play as sort of the "continuing adventures" while simultaneously tying up loose plot points from within the series. The plan is for no trailers to debut for the movie until after the May finale.

The only clue they did offer about the contents of the movie: "We put an offer out to Dominic Monaghan, and he says he's coming back, so naturally we're pretty happy about that." Again, head over here to listen to the whole thing.

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