How interesting. Not only are the writers incorporating Science and Physics but they are also including Theology. I sure hope they know how they plan to mesh these together in the final season. The wheel and time travel could have nothing to do with Jacob and Esau. I would love to read others opinions on this.

When Jacob says they are coming I believe he is referencing the end of days and that God is now displeased and is opening the seven seals which will mean the 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse are on their way. And Richard talking in Latin? Hmmm. The show seems to have suddenly turned toward a religous undertone. Just an observance. Please tell me your thoughts.

Here is another theory I have: Let me know your thoughts on this one too. I will occasionally being adding other theories I have to the post. Please check back often and leave your comments on my new theories. Don't forget to leave votes. Thx

Yin Yang Theory:

From the beginning of time there has been light and dark, night and day, good and evil... You get the message. Now in saying this, I would like you to consider my theory and how it relates to what you know and have seen on the "LOST" series.

Thbis is how the theory goes- After seeing the opening seen of season 5 finale I have came to realize there was a reason the man in the black shirt was not named. The man in the black shirt is also Jacob. This is why they are unable to hurt one another. To be able to release themselves from the other they must find a loophole that will allow themselves to remain alive after destroying the other. Jacob is torn between his good and evil side. Together they bring balance to one another the world and Universe or whatever the case may wind up to be (hence Yin and Yang), if one were to lose the other, good or evil would dominate the world.

Think of the many times that black and white are referenced both visually and verbally throughout the season of LOST ever since the beginning episodes. The references are the biggest clue to the puzzle. Everything has an opposite, including magnetism, of course. I would like to hear your comments pertaining to my theory and I would also like you to comment on the times you have seen opposite things referenced on the series. Please also read Yin Yang page on Wikipedia.

Return to Island Loop Theory:

The survivors of flight 815 never counted all the bodies. They just presumed whomever they did not find that was on the planes travel manifest was dead. My theory is this is what has happened since the beginning: On original Flight 815 there were survivors of another incident trying to return to the island. These people were tossed into a different time as were some of the new survivors were in flight 316 when they tried to return to the island. We have not met this group of Losties that were kicked back in time from flight 815 or know their identity yet. Season 6 will bring all the groups that have time traveled to different years to one singularity point in the current time because of the death of Jacob... Hence "They are coming"!!! Not just our Losties that we know but all Losties that have ever came to the island and have been time shifted. It has been a circle until now. Locke has found his loophole and has been able to bring them all into the current time period thus ending the cycle of Losties coming and going to and from the island and jaunting around in time. What do you think of my theory??? Lots of new characters in season six, don't you think? Guys from the Black Rock, Danielle's boat, Airplanes, war vets and so on and so on throughout the ages. Purgatory Ends! Hope you could follow that, I know what I mean but hard to put on paper.

Island of Atlantis Theory, The Floating Island of Delos, Apollo, Artemis, Leto, Zeus, Kronos, Poseidon and Prometheus Theories COMING SOON!!! View the story of Iliad and also The Odyssey also remember the symbols of DHARMA badges, they are associated with Apollo. Reading Homer and Plato's works will help to correlate these views.

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