JJ Abrams wanted to intice ABC into giving him a tv show to write and produce. Thinking that if he made the story so out of whack that ABC could not cancel him or hire anyone else to clean up the mess and give it an ending. Season after season he has continued to add junk to keep your minds blown and not have any clue what is going. This was on purpose, remember he does not want to give anyone else a chance to come in behind him and possibly come up with any sort of an ending thaty makes sense. Even if he was canceled and another broadcasting company picked up the show because there are so many followers that are dumbfounded about what is happening in this show just because he starts something new and interesting each season that he would have to be hired by the other company to complete it. He gave him self job security from the beginnig, but now he is gone, the story is wearing itself out and Carlton is left with trying to wrap all this crap up in one final season or run for the door.

Once a lie is told, you have to tell another and another and another to keep the first from coming unglued.

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