More questions and not even full answers on anything. Sayid has been infected, selected and claimed. What the hell does that mean. Are we going back to the possibility of Scientology. I am getting fed up with this too. Where the hell did Locke take Richard. The Alt time lime is stupid when your not attempting to wrap up the first time line mysteries. Spent over half the show trying to find out what is wrong with Sayid and we still do not know and also watching Sawyer grieve over Juliet. Why the hell couldn't Dogen tell Jack what he wanted to know. Is he too dumb to understand. He is a damn Doctor, what was Dogen when he came to the Island???; A janitor. This is absolutely ridiculous. As serious as the Others are acting over the death of Jacob and the imminent attack of Smokey, you would think this is a good time to come clean and tell the Losties what the hell has been going on for however long it has been going on??? More questions, no answers, I am disgusted with it. If they do not answer some questions in the next episode I am going to quit watching and just read the highlights and then if it becomes something worth watching I will buy or rent the DVD's. Right now I am missing a bunch of College Basketball that is more worth watching than this $@#^. And I am tired of the commercials just to set through something that is not attempting to answer the mysteries and wrap up! Scientology, JJ Abramas and XENU, The Incident and The Incident II. Links are below:

[1] [2]

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