I have found it rather intriguing that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, after nearly every episode this season, there is a fury that has been growing among the bloggers on here. I admit this season I have become one of the so called haters. I am not a "hater" of the show by any means. I am very very critical of Darlton however. In my point of view the writers are responsible for everything the show is and what will be. Saying "this just doesn't work in the show now so we are just going to ignore it" and sidestepping the mystery is a cop out. Well anyway, back on my original point that every week the heat after the show grows and then, miraculously on Monday night and mostly Tuesday before the airing of the new episode, everyone seems to have made up on the boards or at least came to a partial agreement that they are both kind of right! The Calm before the Storm is upon us and I cannot wait to get things rolling one last time before the finale. I solute all those that have taken this ride with me and sincerely apologize, not for my opinions mind you, but for possibly offending anyone in any way that was uncalled for. Enjoy what calm is left because I will probably be chewing and spitting nails by the end of tonight's episode.

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