How much do we really know about Brian Porter? We assume that Walt's mother is dead because he says so, but there is no other proof to suggest that she is or isn't, not even a funeral. I have also seen that he is terrified of and recognizes the significance of Walt's special abilities. One other observation I have is that when Michael arrives at Brian's home he meets the Nanny that looks very familiar to me but I cannot pinpoint from where yet but I think it is the island. Also while Michael is standing in the great hall of Brian's home the ceiling resembles the Dharma Initiative's Logo. Are these all just coincidences??? I agree with the other bloggers here that Walt is still very important to the show and his character is too embedded and intertwined to ignore. The Others are in awe of his powers and whatever he did at the brainwash place(sorry forgot the name). There may be more to Brian Porter than meets the eye.

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