OK guys I have finished, Pick it apart all you want. I'll be a martyr!!!

My Lost Solution:

Most of it can be summed up without any supernatural phenomenon. Let’s start with Widmore. 1. Widmore was a leader of the Others until being exiled for leaving the Island several times and inappropriate behavior while gone. 2. Widmore is Daniel’s father and blames Jacob for both being exiled and the death of his son. 3. Widmore meats John Locke in 1954. John Locke surprises Widmore by calling him by his full name. John explained he was from the future and will be leader of the others. 4. While Widmore is monitoring the area where Ben turned up after turning the wheel and Charlotte found a Polar Bear Skeleton guess who pops out of the blue…. John Locke, the same man he had met in 1954. 5. Widmore rescues Locke and while being Widmore’s unwitting tool, John gives details of his mission and events on the Island. Widmore knows this is all true. 6. After hearing John’s story Widmore devises a plan to return to the Island by sending Abaddon with John to help him in his quest to convince the survivors to return to the Island. 7. Sun finds Widmore and they strike a deal to kill Ben Linus. She agrees to supply him with all the information she can gather and he reciprocates. 8. After learning of Locke’s death Widmore secretly takes on John Locke's likeness.... whether he is a Genie or whatever. We will find out in season 6 how he did it.<nowiki>Insert non-formatted text here</nowiki> 9. After learning of Ajira Flight 316, Widmore purchases the Airline and finds away to get Lapidus in the pilot’s seat and help him to stow away and later portray himself as John reincarnate to Ben and the survivors. In doing so he knows that Ben will most likely do as Locke wishes under the circumstances. Sun has no idea of Widmore’s identity or that he was a stow away disguised as Locke 10. Now on the Island Widmore is right at home from his years of knowledge from living on the Island and being the others leader. 11. Widmore/unLocke puts his plan in motion to have Ben kill Jacob. 12. Jacob knows Locke is Widmore. This is why John wastes no time in having Richard take them to him. He does not want Richard talking to Jacob before he can have his opportunity to kill Jacob.

Loophole: 1. Widmore is Nemesis is now unLocke. 2. Nemesis cannot directly kill Jacob. I have several theories as to why and I am sure you do too. We will explore these soon. 3. Before you start trying to put holes in this theory that Widmore is unLocke, remember that he knows of most all of the events that happened on the Island through Sun and Locke’s descriptions. This would give him the information of John first meeting Ben at the Hatch. 4. Jacob immediately recognizes that unLocke is his Nemesis and by seeing Ben’s despair he knows what he is up to and that having Ben commit his murder would be a loophole. 5. Ben gets his opportunity at free will and decides on eternal damnation.

Adam and Eve: 1. Adam and Eve gave birth to Cain and Able. Cain kills Able. The following is from Wikipedia; In Christianity and Judaism, the curse of Cain and the mark of Cain refer to the Biblical passages in the Book of Genesis chapter 4, where God declared that Cain, the firstborn son of Adam and Eve, was cursed, and placed a mark upon him to warn others that killing Cain would provoke the vengeance of God. 2. Nemesis has someone do this for him and in doing so thinks he has avoided the wrath of God.

True identity of Jacobs Nemesis/Smoke Monster?

1. It is Abel\Judger of Souls bent on revenge. 2. This is borrowed from Wikipedia: In classical times, as well as more recently, Abel was regarded as the first innocent victim of the power of evil, and hence the first martyr. In the esoteric Book of Enoch (at 22:7), the soul of Abel is described as having been appointed as the chief of martyrs, crying for vengeance, for the destruction of the seed of Cain. This view is later repeated in the Testament of Abraham (at A:13 / B:11), where Abel has been raised to the position as the judge of the souls: 3. An awful man sitting upon the throne to judge all creatures, and examining the righteous and the sinners. He being the first to die as martyr, God brought him hither [to the place of judgment in the nether world] to give judgment, while Enoch, the heavenly scribe, stands at his side writing down the sin and the righteousness of each. For God said: I shall not judge you, but each man shall be judged by man. Being descendants of the first man, they shall be judged by his son until the great and glorious appearance of the Lord, when they will be judged by the twelve tribes of Israel, and then the last judgment by the Lord Himself shall be perfect and unchangeable.

The Island is? 1. The Garden of Eden

Space/Time Travel: 1. Measures put in place by God to protect the Garden of Eden. 2. Smoke Monster is also security measure to remove the unrighteous from the Garden of Eden and protect its secrets.

Jacob/Cain: 1. Uses the Others to do his bidding to spite god. 2. Wants Judgment Day to come so his curse will be removed. 3. Brings people to the island and corrupts them to try to prove to God that they are no worthier than him, so he should not be suffering the Mark.

Some of the the Last part is left open to interpretation and will not be revealed until season 6. How, when where and why Widmore did it I am standing behind 100% and am sure it will play out in this manner but would still like the critics to pick it apart and all comments are welcome, good, bad or ugly. Thanks for reading.

I am beginning to consider the whole Genie thing to tie up the loose ends and replace the religion part of this theory. Wikipedia has a great area on Genie's and they hit real close to the mark of LOST's story line. Check it out. I would love for you to contribute to this post. If you can find something to replace the religion part that is feasible and match the Plot of LOST. I am staying with the rest though all the way down until you get to Adam and Eve.

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