Lost Quiz. Round 2

LOST 101 February 28, 2010 User blog:LOST 101

Welcome back all. At this stage 250 people have played in part 1 of the quiz and the current results are as follows

Current standings : [[1]]

If you are new to the quiz please take the round 1 quiz at the following link

Round 1 : [[2]]

For thoes up to round 2 we have currently only had 12 people score 100%. That is only 4.8% of the people who took the quiz. Round 2 follows the same format as round 1

Please use the same Name that you did for round 1. Thanks LOST 101

Round 2 quiz : [<"">]

If you have any questions that you want to see in a future round please fill in this form : [[3]]

Round 3 is now open. Follow this link : [[4]]

Have fun and enjoy

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