I was thinking that in each season final so far Jin has being attempting to do something heroic.

Season 1

He was on the raft and hoping to get everyone rescued. He jumps into the water after Sawyer is shot to help him

Season 2

Jin is on the Sailboat Elizibeth with Sun and Sayid trying to protect Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurly and Michael from their trap. They reach where they believed the trap would be.

Season 3

Jin remains with Sayid and Bernard in an attempt to attack the others. He misses his shot and they are captured and later rescued by Hurly, Sawyer and Juliet.

Season 4

Jin is on the Kahana with Michael and Desmond attempting to cool the C4 so that it wont blow the ship up. They eventualy fail and it blows. Jin is later revealed to survive.

Season 5

The 1977 group are attempting to erase all that has happened by blowing up Jughead. Jin is part of this group.

Will Season 6 conclude with Jin doing something heroic to save everyone or Sun from some danger. I guess we just have to wait and see.

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