Who is the most popular character of the Series.

How it will work is for Round 1 people can vote on who is their fave five for round 1.

You vote in this format. 5 votes to ? 4 votes to ? 3 votes to ? 2 votes to ? 1 vote to ?

After 48 Hours the lowest 3 characters are removed and we commence again with the remaining characters. We repeat the patten until only 1 is left. Hence the fave character. Votes will carry through to the next round

Characters are as follows

Sayid Jarrah, Jack Shepard, Hugo Reyes "Hurly", James Ford "Sawyer", Kate Austen, Michael Dawson, Sun-Hwa Kwon, Charlie Pace, John Locke, Shannon Rutherford, Walt Lloyd, Jin-Soo Kwon, Boone Carlyle, Clair Littleton, Ana-Lucia Cortez, Eko, Elizabeth Smith "Libby", Juliet Burke, Desmond Hume, Ben Linus, Paulo, Nikki Fernandez, Daniel Faraday, Charlotte Lewis, Miles Straume, Richard Alpet,

Round 1 closes 6:00am 26/12/09 Australian time. This is roughly the USA day

Some people want some other characters such as Rose and Bernard included. Round 1 will finnish as is and some extras will be added in Round 2

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