Thanks to the 27 people who voted in Round 3

The top ten and the remaining character are

1st Sawyer - Same

2nd John Locke - Up 3

3rd Desmond - Down 1

4th Ben - Down 1

5th Jack - Down 1

6th Charlie - Up 1

7th Hurley - Down 1

8th Richard - Up 5

9th Daniel - Same

10th Sayid - Up 2

These are the final 10. Sawyer who won Round 3 had a score of 65 off 19 votes

The negative points played a large part in this round. Shannon had the most with 13 negative votes. Desmond and Richard were the only character to not recieve a negative vote

The six eliminated characters are Shannon with -3, Jin with 1, Frank with 2, Juliet with 3, Kate with 5, Eko with 10.

Round 4 will see only 5 remaining so get your faves into the top 5.

Votes return to original format of 5 to? 4 to?,3 to?, 2 to? and 1 to?.

Who will make the top 5 we will have to just wait and see.

THe Round will close on 4/1/10 at 6am Australian time which is near the end of the USA day. I think

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