Thanks to everyone that voted. We had 30 people who participated in round 1.

The Winner for Round 1 was Sawyer who recieved votes from 19 people for at total of 70 votes

The top 10 were 1st James Ford "Sawyer"

2nd Ben Linus

3rd John Locke

4th Desmond Hume

5th Charlie Pace

6th Jack Shepard

7th Hugo Reyes "Hurly"

8th Daniel Faraday

9th Eko

10th Juliet Burke

There were 6 characters that recieved no votes in round 1 and will be removed. They were: Ana Lucia Cortez, Clair Littleton, Michael Dawson, Nikki Fernandes, Paulo and Walt Lloyd.

For people to recieve votes there was a four way tie for last and they will also be removed. They were: Boone Carlyle, Charlotte Lewis, Elisibeth Smith "Libby" and Sun-Hwa Kwon. They all recieved 4 votes.

For round 2 i have being asked to add some non main characters so here are the addiions. Rose Nadler, Bernard Henderson, Ethan, Martin Kreamy, Aaron Littleton and Frank Lapidus.

People avaliable to vote for this time are: Aaron Littleton, Ben Linus, Bernard Henderson, Charlie Pace, Daniel Faraday, Desmond Hume, Eko, Ethan, Frank Lapidus, Hugo Reyes "Hurly", Jack Shepard, James Ford "Sawyer", Jin-Soo Kwon, John Locke, Juliet Burke, Kate Austen, Martin Kreamy, Miles Straum, Richard Alpet, Rose Nadler, Sayid Jarrah, Shannon Rutherford,

Please vote in the format of 5 to, 4 to, 3 to, 2 to and 1 to

The Lowest 3 vote recievers and anyone with zero votes will be removed for round 3.

Voting closes on the 29/12/09 at 6am Australian time which is near the end of the USA day. I think


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