Welcome back. Thanks to the 31 people who voted last round.

I had some internet issues and hence this round is late. They are all fixed.

The final five finnished in this way

1st Sawyer 103 Votes

2nd Desmond 96 Votes

3rd John 89 Votes

4th Hurly 88 Votes

5th Ben 81 Votes.

This means that Ben and Hurly are no longer in the running for the the Fave Character

This final round will be different from the others in the way that we will vote. You will just votes for your Fave from the final three. The Character with the most votes at the start of Season 6 of Lost will be the Fave Character

So Vote for your Fave Character out of Sawyer, Desmond or John.

Round Closes 2/12/2010 at the start of Season 6 of Lost

Please note that each person can only vote once.

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