• LOST 101

    Hi all.

    Wanting to inform everyone of the new Righter Untie Contest which has begun intitled Lost Continued

    This is a place where the unanswered questions could be answered.

    Visit [1] to join or just read the scripts

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  • LOST 101

    sign you name below if you believe LOST was an amazing show. Well done to the writers.

    Everyone should sign as you are on Lostpedia. So you must like LOST.

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  • LOST 101

    Ok. I feel that the final of lost was good. I read many not liking it but to me it solves many mysteries

    One they didnt all die in the crash - Cristians line was "everyone dies sometime" and "There is no now here". To me these mean that Kate, Sawyer, Richard, Miles, Frank, Ben, Desmond and Hugo all survive. They live their lives out happily and when they died they went to the flash sideways.

    We saw Rose and Bernard again (on island). They didnt stay in 1977

    The John/Jack battle. MIB was disrespectbal to the memory of John. love that line.

    The light - It was solved. We saw it go off and back on.

    There are many other reasons. The final filled in a lot of gaps.

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  • LOST 101

    MIB has a name!!!

    May 17, 2010 by LOST 101

    His name is Adem. Well at least that is what Jack gave him in season 1.

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  • LOST 101


    May 6, 2010 by LOST 101

    not a blog or a theory as no one can really know. But is Frank alive.

    I feel if they were finnised with him they would have shown his death like the others.

    So i feel he will be back somehow. Maybe MIB will find him and use him to finnish what he started

    What do you all think

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