Same island, new castaways, new mysteries.


Timothy Olyphant - LEADER

Bridgette Wilson - Rich a lil bit bitchy woman

Melissa George - Bussines woman with two kids who may or may not be on island (blonde boy and blonde girl, similar to

Zack and Emma). In outside world she has a mother and ex-husband who is not so good or maybe dead. Later, Melissa's

character dies. Love interest for Mike, played by Mike Vogel.

Mike Vogel - To play character named Michael often called by castaways as Mike a character which is similar to Boone

Tata Young - Ji-Yeon (PERFECT)

Kris Allen - Aaron Littleton (It would be his first acting break and he is pic perfect for Aaron)

Old Walt

There MUST BE a character to replace Sawyer in terms of nicknames and leader of humor.

Talisa Soto - To play character similar to Ana-Lucia.

Michelle McCool - Ivy, woman, character off the island. (Who knows maybe Michelle can bring a good performance cuz in

that crap that she was you can't consider that as an acting or even a SHOW cuz it's just a garbage).

Amanda Seyfried - Castaway or maybe even better Aaron Littleton's girlfriend who like Penny searches for love of her


Flashback characters, our previous castaways, who meet our new castaways off the island in some point and helped them

in some situations, cameo apperance or just a guest star in 1 or 2 episodes: Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Shannon, Boone,

Charlie, Libby, Ana-Lucia, Juliet ...

Matthew Fox shouldn't be even consider not even asked to guest star or make a cameo cuz he clearly said that he's

done with television, so Matt we respect that.

First idea was to have a boat crashed on island but it won't be ultra impactful as planes so plane is better and it

should crash ofc at beach near the Jacob's lighthouse. Other half of the plane on island where the others (Ben,

Juliet) lived.

To show how Walt helped Michael move on and helped other souls trapped on island to move on.

Molly Stanton - Hostile, possibly leftover of others.

Candice Hillebrand - As above.

What's now purpose of the island, those it still need candidates or something else.

Character who knew previosly of the island, and with attention abboared on a plane so that when HE crashes he can

secretly record a movie about how other live on the island cuz he thinks that would bring him a big money when he

will sell the tapes. Later in season finale he get caught and exposed and killed.

It would be cool to have Jacqueline Natla as a villain but probably that won't happen, cuz than we would got to have

Lara, Amanda and it would be very cool but no it won't happen. And not only this reasons cuz to show Natla, Lara and

Amanda whoever is in charge of the project needs to buy/acquire rights to Tomb Raider.

What became of Zack & Emma.


Castaways find Dr. Jack Sheapard's grave somewhere in island, possibly on the same spot he crashed september 22 2004

and died at the same exact spot in the future. Buried by Bernard and Rose.

That's All i can remember right now, i will edit post latter when i have some new informations.

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