Top 10 Faviorte Happiest moments

LOSTFAN23 December 20, 2009 User blog:LOSTFAN23

What are your top 10 happiest moments? Mine are

1. Flight 815 crashing on the island 2. When claire gave birth to Arron 3 When Rose and Bernard reunited. 4. Whe Michael and Walt reunited 5. When Hurley finds the Dharma Van and gets it to work 6. When Rousseau and Alex reunited 7. When They show The Oceanic 6 getting home of the Rescue chopper 8. When Desmond and Penny reunited 9. When Faraday saw Charlotte in LaFluer 10.When I thought Locke Resurrected lol

What are your top 10 faviorite happiest moments?

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