I know alot of people have there theories about the opening scene being about the losties in 1977, well I think its gonna take place in 2007. So this is how I think its gonna go. I hope it starts out with a man laying down sleeping. A knocking on the door wakes him you see his eye open He opens the door the man on the the other side opens it and says its time! they get ready the man keeps saying are you sure! they are with a bunch of people with guns. They attack the others and Sun,Lapidus,Illana, and Bram. They kill most of the Others while sun,lapidus,bram,illan run off into the jungle. Richard screams Run to the Temple! Richard runs off but, is stopped by one of the attackers. They Point a gun at him seemingly about to shoot him. He goes go ahead see what happens. Just as that happens Jacobs temple starts shaking we go inside we see Ben panicking and looks over at Locke and says whats going on! Flocke smiles and leaves whyle the temple collapses leaving Bens fate unknown. Flcoke walks out Richard screams who are you you son of a bitch. Flock goes Its nice to see you to Ricardius. Then kicks him right in the face.

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