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September 10, 2009

    I was watching The Little Prince the other night and i noticed that when the light flashes as bright as it was that its from man of science man of faith. As i recall the day of aarons birth the light did flash but it wasnt as bright. Is this a conntinuity error or what?

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    What Should I do

    May 19, 2010 by LOSTFAN23

    Should I rewatch LOST the day after it ends or should I wait untill season six comes out and then start? Please tell me what i should do. I love Lost best tv show ever im gonna cry like a baby when it ends!

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    It occured to me after I watched Recon why it might be in the middle of the damn jungle. Jacob moved it there. Jacob moved it there because Locke wants a way of the island and Locke probaly thought he can use the ship as a way off. So then Jacob moves it to the middle of the jungle where Locke cant use it and leave the island. Does this make any sense? Read more >

    What are your top 10 happiest moments? Mine are

    1. Flight 815 crashing on the island 2. When claire gave birth to Arron 3 When Rose and Bernard reunited. 4. Whe Michael and Walt reunited 5. When Hurley finds the Dharma Van and gets it to work 6. When Rousseau and Alex reunited 7. When They show The Oceanic 6 getting home of the Rescue chopper 8. When Desmond and Penny reunited 9. When Faraday saw Charlotte in LaFluer 10.When I thought Locke Resurrected lol

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    Lost season 6 opening scene

    December 18, 2009 by LOSTFAN23

    I know alot of people have there theories about the opening scene being about the losties in 1977, well I think its gonna take place in 2007. So this is how I think its gonna go. I hope it starts out with a man laying down sleeping. A knocking on the door wakes him you see his eye open He opens the door the man on the the other side opens it and says its time! they get ready the man keeps saying are you sure! they are with a bunch of people with guns. They attack the others and Sun,Lapidus,Illana, and Bram. They kill most of the Others while sun,lapidus,bram,illan run off into the jungle. Richard screams Run to the Temple! Richard runs off but, is stopped by one of the attackers. They Point a gun at him seemingly about to shoot him. He goe…

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