Jughead started off very well, that beach that Desmond was running around on reminded me of the beach where the Oceanic Six were discovered, but maybe not... I was very interested in the conversation Daniel and Charlotte had right before they reached the creek was interesting, the Charladay relationship continues to evolve. And then BOOM! there goes the claymores. I thought claymores weren't introduced until after 1954, but maybe I'm wrong. I love how Miles was quick to pass the leadership off to Daniel. When that hostile said, "you just couldn't stay away," I thought she meant something relating to Faraday being on the island during the 1950's, but obviously not. The relationship problems between Dez and Penny seem pretty interesting.

It is very interesting how Latin seems to be the "secret" language of the Others. I thought it was ironic how Miles, Dan, and Charlotte are captured and Locke, Sawyer, and Juliet have the two hostiles also captured. Kind of juxtaposition. Then Richard step in and WOW! He still is looking great for 5,000 years old or however old. I love how Daniel is playing like he knows what he is doing and even being so cocky as to say "What's your name?"

And now we revisit Oxford like in "The Constant", I'm wondering who that janitor is and if he will play a role later in the storyline. Maybe he works for Widmore and is making sure that everything stays buried. Faraday is pretty smart at pretending to be part of the American military. He is great at deducting, and he is actually pretty sarcastic. There was also a great moment when Faraday professed his love for Charlotte, sent goose bumps up my arm.

When that hostile escaped, I was screamin' at Locke, he didn't fire at them. I understand his logic, but still, he will not specifically be leading that man. Teresa and Abagail seem like they could be key later revolving around Faraday, also it should be interesting how Widmore is funding Daniel. Perhaps Daniel is really working for Widmore still, I sure hope not.

When Daniel started to talk about time traveling, that is where Faraday should have remained silent. Then Sawyer comes in and is awesome. Then when Dez barges in on Widmore it was a moment of pure joy, he can go barge in and demand answers from him. At the very end when Charlotte falls, I felt real bad for Faraday as he seems to finally be able to show his love for her and yet he is dying.

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