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    Flashback whoosh sound

    August 27, 2014 by LOST-Graft

    I'm working on a fun project that promises to be pretty cool. I'm editing together an abridged version of the Lost storyline in chronological order. Kind of like a really long "Previously on Lost". My question is, can anyone think of an instance of a flashback or flash-forward whoosh sound from an episode that is relatively "clean" – meaning there's no music, dialogue, or other ambient sound effects on it? I want to be able to overlay it on transitions instead of fading out a whoosh sound or ending it abruptly with other noises on it.

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  • LOST-Graft

    Go to User:YOUR_USER_NAME/monaco.css (for example, mine is User:LOST-Graft/monaco.css) by entering it in the search bar.

    Edit the page.

    Copy and paste this code into that page:

    Save and enjoy!

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  • LOST-Graft

    In November 2009, Lost co-creator and executive producer Damon Lindelof participated in a Q & A session at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, hosted by Comic Book Resources. I thought his commentary about the planning of the mythology of Lost, and specifically the inception of the black and white theme and its personification, was particularly revealing, and I thought I would transcribe it here for documentation and reference.

    Question from audience: "With Jacob, did you know from the start that he was a former inhabitant of the Island, and that he was who Locke was referring to early on in reference to a war between the dark and the light?"

    Damon Lindelof: I think that at the time that we were writing the pilot—and particularly that scene—tha…

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