One score that I have to settle with the producers of LOST is the way that they employ American actors in parts that require other accents (notably English, Scottish and Australian). Don't get me wrong, I love the show in many ways but I just need someone to back me up on this one. As a UK resident, I don't know how much the American audience is receptive to this kind of thing, but at times the accents are frankly laughable. Does anyone else agree with me on this? Plus, the majority of British characters on the show (Charlie, Desmond, Charlotte, Young Charles) have their dialogue peppered with liberal uses of the word "bloody" and "sodding", which I suppose translate into the much-used American swear words "(god)damn" and "son of a bitch". But frankly I think it's lazy on behalf of the casting team, and on the writing team. I mean, do the writers think we won't perceive these characters as British unless they use those words?

Any thoughts anybody?

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