This one concerns the transition from Season 4 to Season 5, and what can be classed as inside or outside the Island's sphere of influence. We have two pieces of evidence:

  • The Man in Black appears to Michael on the Kahana and says "you can go now"
  • After the first time flash, Sawyer and Juliet can no longer see the Kahana when they could see it before

If we assume that the Man in Black cannot leave the Island (as this is what he was always banging on about doing), then these two seem to contradict each other. If the Kahana was "inside the radius" as Faraday said, then why wouldn't it flash along with them? It had 815 survivors on it after all. But if it was outside the radius, how could the Man in Black manifest aboard it?

It's a small point I know, but this show always asks us to look at the details. Any thoughts?

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