• LOST-Figg

    LGBT in Lost

    October 11, 2010 by LOST-Figg

    Following on from our recent discussion about the Bechdel test for female presence in LOST, I thought it might be good to assess lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender presence. And to be honest I can't think of any examples. There's a hidden reference to a relationship between Naomi and Regina on the freighter, but other than that I'm at a loss. Any thoughts? This seems like a sector that is severely under-represented in a major network show.

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  • LOST-Figg

    ...what would it be? I'm thinking big with this one, so be creative with it, instead of just saying things like "the Man in Black should have been killed in a cooler way".

    If I had any creative influence over LOST, I would have given the centricity a little more symmetry. As one of the key aspects of the presentation of LOST's narrative, a little tweaking here and there would have been beneficial in my opinion. Jack had five centrics in Season 1 and Boone only 1, and I would have made the cast a little more "ensemble" through the centricity. The requirement of a full episode per character may have also forced the writers to create a story for every character in each season, and not let people drift in the background as Miles and Frank did in…

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    Charles Widmore's motives

    September 5, 2010 by LOST-Figg

    With the whole show behind us now, and all the information we're going to get, one thing remains unclear to me still. Why exactly did Charles Widmore send the freighter to the island? The team said it was to extract Ben, and if so, why would they do this? Also, why would Charles rig the freighter with the explosives set to go if his top commando Keamy should die? What purpose could that serve? It was a major part of the whole mythology of the show and it's a little hazy for me. I accept that he was in a "bad" role at the time but if his motive was merely to regain control of the island then the self-destruct button strikes me as a strange move to take. Any thoughts?

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    Here's another friendly suggestion for improving the template boxes which appear at the end of character pages:

    At the moment, these boxes list every episode in which that character is given a flashback/forward etc of any description. In cases where episodes are shared by many characters, this leads to highly clogged-up pages. This is a particular problem for Jack, Kate, Sayid, Locke, Sawyer, Hurley, and Jin/Sun to an extent. Towards the end of the series more and more episodes forwent centricity and focused on the group as a whole.

    So what I'm proposing is a separation between centric episodes proper, which undeniably revolved around the character in question, and just flashback episodes. Here's a few examples:


    Centric: Jacob


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    Slight plot hole?

    August 4, 2010 by LOST-Figg

    This one concerns the transition from Season 4 to Season 5, and what can be classed as inside or outside the Island's sphere of influence. We have two pieces of evidence:

    • The Man in Black appears to Michael on the Kahana and says "you can go now"
    • After the first time flash, Sawyer and Juliet can no longer see the Kahana when they could see it before

    If we assume that the Man in Black cannot leave the Island (as this is what he was always banging on about doing), then these two seem to contradict each other. If the Kahana was "inside the radius" as Faraday said, then why wouldn't it flash along with them? It had 815 survivors on it after all. But if it was outside the radius, how could the Man in Black manifest aboard it?

    It's a small point I k…

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