Do you think that if time travel is possible, there could still be freewill?

imagine: you invent the time machine, and travel back to Albert Einstein's time and tell him based on his theory, US is gonna make a nuclear bomb and kill thousands of people in Japan. Could he change his mind and never release the papers? What would happen in our time if he did? Those people who died in explosion, they would just appear in the face of the world? i know you will say "Whatever happened happened. You cant change the past". But, when you travel back in time, yes it is past for you, but not for young Einstein. he is still living his present time and he can change his mind, right?

another saying, if someone comes from next week and show you a lottery coupon. he tells you that you played these numbers and lost the lottery. would you still play the same numbers? and if you don't, wouldn't it create a paradox?

in brief: i say, there cant be time travel, because we have freewill. what do you say?

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