I have a confession to make: I have not re-watched a single episode of LOST since the finale aired almost 2 years ago. I have purchased the Complete Collection box-set on DVD, watched a few extras and watched The New Man in Charge; but an episode from the series proper has not made my watch-list thus far.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1. I'm one of those fans (and I am indeed a massive fan) that was not too satisfied with season 6; although, over time, it has grown on me and, regardless, the satisfaction that the previous 5 seasons provided were more than enough to vindicate any negative feeling.

2. I had re-watched these previous 5 seasons in quite dense runs in the lead-up to the final season; so I felt I needed a break from the series, simply not to fatigue it and so that I could fully appreciate it when I finally came back to watch it again.

Anyway, recently, I've been hearing Jack's voice in my head, getting louder and louder. "We have to go back, Kate. We have to go back!" Granted, my name's not Kate, but I think soon it may be time for me to go back to the Island.

I actually cannot wait to watch this epic show again. I know some of you have re-watched the show multiple times since the end, so what were your experiences of going back to the Island? Did you see things differently knowing how it all ended? What was good? What, if anything, was bad?

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