• LIT


    July 14, 2010 by LIT

    It was all such a waste, The web that they weaved, I'm trying to be happy, But I just want to leave.

    I long to run away, Run far away from here, But memories and theories only follow, And so do the tears.

    I've taken so many chances, I have given it that one last try, And at the end of it all, I'm still broken, and I still sit and question; who where and why.

    Was there any point to this? It's all I want to know, Because the mysteries are getting darker, And I'm more than ready to go.

    And I'm not even thinking, Of what I could leave behind, I can't think that straight, With so many unanswered questions on my mind.

    I don't know who I am, Or what was shown to me, Happy and cheerful, Is all I want to be.

    I'm tired of the words, it will be ok, just hol…

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