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February 3, 2010
  • Kywa14

    FST bleeding into OT

    April 25, 2010 by Kywa14

    I think it's really important to consider the repercussions of the actions in the FST and whether they will impact what is happening currently on the island. I say this mainly in terms of life and death. We know that although characters in the OT may be dead they can still exist in the FST (although are seemingly aware of this alt. world status). However, if a character dies in the FST, what will happen to them on the island?

    I ask this because I believe Desmond is trying to kill Locke in the FST. Obviously, him running him over in the car implies this. Originally I thought it was just his way of forcing connections amongst them - ie Jack having to do Locke's surgery, Locke and Sun being wheeled into the ER at the same time. If Locke dies i…

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  • Kywa14

    I believe that if the Man in Black is successful in his plan, then "reality" for everyone we know will become the alternate world we are seeing in these flash-sideways. No one will fulfill their purpose or destiny. Jacob has never touched these people so they never did what they were supposed to do. Their lives and relationships are not what they should be. When Juliet said "it worked" upon her death, I believe she is now "existing" in this alternate reality, and that if the Man in Black is successful, everyone else will die and also begin living their alternate realities. Thoughts?

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  • Kywa14

    Ben as a good guy

    March 10, 2010 by Kywa14

    I have always believed in Ben as having good intentions, even though he has not necessarily shown this or proven it through his actions, but he has always felt strongly in serving a higher purpose for a greater good (although that good is still relatively unclear). I feel like the "Dr. Linus" episode confirmed his ultimate path - his true destiny - to serve the best intentions of the island, to take the path of the good. He even said the only reason he would go to Fake Locke was because he was the only one who would accept him. He learned from Miles that Jacob did have some faith in him - that he hoped he was wrong about him right before he killed him. Ben's new "goodness" was also confirmed in the flashsideways, where instead of using his…

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  • Kywa14

    The monster's lair

    February 11, 2010 by Kywa14

    Something important to consider.

    The Temple is the sanctuary of the Others, who, as far as we can assume, are sworn enemies of the Smoke Monster. The Temple is a safeguard against the monster, because it is protected in such a way (water and ash circles, etc) so that the monster cannot enter. But, if that is the case, why did the monster live underneath the entrance to the Temple? And remember that Robert, before Danielle kills him, says that it is not a monster, that it is a security system for the Temple (it has been referred to as this before as well).

    I think that there is a lot of contemplation to endure regarding the monster. I mean, Ben was able to use the monster and call it when he needed it. He definitely called it to help them esc…

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