During the opening scene of the season five finally, Jacob and his buddy were talking about progress. I'm sure you all remember. Before the man in black addressed Jacob by his name, I thought for sure the mib WAS Jacob. Mostly because he gave me the impression that he hated progress. This immediately made me think of the episode in season three (I think) when Ben and Locke journeyed to the cabin and Ben says something along the lines of "Turn off the flashlight, You have to light the latern,.. Jacob hates technology.. blah blah" and then when they get inside, Locke accuses Ben of "putting on a show" and shines the flashlight in his face. Then the cabin starts to shake around. You know the rest.

So does that mean anything? I just thought that it was kinda strange. Maybe it's meaningless but I needed to get that out of my head. Thanks for your time. Have a quality day.

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