Has anyone else reflected on the fact that we have yet not SEEN the smoke monster change from smoke into human form and/or back?

we always see the smoke seep away, and then Flocke steps out from behind a corner, acting all smug.

And Flocke certainly doesn't seem to be able to just change into smoke at the drop of a hat. He stays in human form when there's really no reason for him to. When he was pushed into water nothing happened (granted, it was a set-up, but still...) When Ben actually kinda called him out on it in this episode, Flocke just shrugged it off.

I see two possibilities here: either Darlton has decided that Flocke becomes a more solid character (heh) if we don't see him change, and then we'll just never see him change on-screen.

OR it could be that the actual changing process is something pivotal to the plot. Like, maybe he is extra vounorable during the actual change or maybe he actually rips a little hole into the FST and borrows Locke´s body - like a library book made of meat - everytime he needs it?

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