• Kris2000

    Has anyone else reflected on the fact that we have yet not SEEN the smoke monster change from smoke into human form and/or back?

    we always see the smoke seep away, and then Flocke steps out from behind a corner, acting all smug.

    And Flocke certainly doesn't seem to be able to just change into smoke at the drop of a hat. He stays in human form when there's really no reason for him to. When he was pushed into water nothing happened (granted, it was a set-up, but still...) When Ben actually kinda called him out on it in this episode, Flocke just shrugged it off.

    I see two possibilities here: either Darlton has decided that Flocke becomes a more solid character (heh) if we don't see him change, and then we'll just never see him change on-screen.

    OR it…

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  • Kris2000

    ...compiled as a streaming Spotify playlist:

    Based on the exellent song list here on Lostpedia.

    Might come in handy for the farewell parties.

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  • Kris2000

    So the finale is approaching and the writers have a lot of loose ends to tie up. It's resonable to assume that they will put most of their effort in "solving" the "mysteries" that are relevant to the conclusion of the overall story arch. In the process, other questions will remain unanswered. And maybe thats for the best. I mean nobody seemed to like the throwaway explaination for the whispers, right? Better then if it remains a mystery. So here is my speculation on wich things that won't be explained in the few remaining episodes.

    1. What was the deal with Walt?

    Walt was the focus of a lot of the plotlines for season 1-3, but once he finally got reunited with Michael and left the island, he more or less dropped of the radar. For a while…

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