Okay, so everyone knows that the Others are associated with Jacob and consider him to be their primary leader. It has been shown on the show that the Statue of Taweret was destroyed sometime before 1974. When Hurley showed Dogen the ankh ,he sort of showed it respect in a religious way before breaking it. Since only the leg of the statue remains how would he known about the ankh. This means that the Others have known about the ankh for a few generations at least(an assumption, could be wrong). If that assumption is true then that could mean that it was the Others who built the statue along with Jacob.

When Dogen said that he was "brought here", he could have meant that it was Jacob who brought him to the island just like he did with the Black Rock and presumably Oceanic 815 too. So all those "brought" to the island might have become the Others as we know them.

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