• Kraeg

    The Epilogue

    May 30, 2010 by Kraeg

    So on 24th August, along with the 6th Season DVD set, we will get a 20min epilogue on Island after Jack's death or something like that. I have read somewhere here in lostpedia that Hurley and Ben will appear in and possibly Walt. What are you expecting to see in those 20 minutes?

    Personally I want to see a Walt/Vincent scene.

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  • Kraeg

    Is Michael dead?

    May 23, 2010 by Kraeg

    Yes, this is a misleading title, sort of.

    So, I joined lostpedia some months ago and since then I have been reading some blog posts in which users comment stuff about Michael being off with Walt, Michael not being dead and stuff. I found this weird, as well as the so big importance people give to Annie here, but going on with this topic: The other day I was talking with 2 friends who watch lost too and we were counting off who was still alive and one of them came up that Michael was missing. I was like what the hell Michael is dead.

    Is there any explanation to why so many people think that Michael is alive and/or missing? I mean, c'mon he is dead we saw him as a ghost in Everybody Loves Hugo..

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  • Kraeg

    So, after watching Across the Sea (6x15), which gave us a lot of answers about what is the island, who is Jacob and who are Adam and Eve, although not the way many people were expecting, I realised that we got two, insignificant though, answers about candidates and requirements to be one of them. On with the article:

    First of all, when the candidate thing was first explored, on The Substitute (6x04), many people were asking themselves if Kate, as a female, was a candidate [1] - and if Jin and Sun were both candidates, and if not, who was the one [2].

    1 - We already expected that females could be candidates, as names such as Burke and Rosseau were part of female characters only. But now we got the confirmation. Watching this episode we could…

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  • Kraeg

    So, I was wondering why isn't there a page with kills of at least the main characters? I know there is a topic in the page of Life and Death, but that page seems so disorganizated and with many information and it leads to be confusing...

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  • Kraeg

    A theory about time shifts

    April 21, 2010 by Kraeg

    Thinking why would Claire stay on the 2004 timeline when the time shifts occured (as she was in treat of The Others), I came upon this theory:

    Only people who are candidates are able to travel through time.

    This would explain why Claire didn't, as she turned to MiB's side, joining him in Jacob's cabin, and would explain why did Frank, Ben, Sun, Ilana and Richard stood on 2007.

    • Frank is not a candidate, as far as we know.
    • Ben could perfectly be crossed out already, as he was not loyal tons of times (or it could be Roger)
    • Sun.. she may not be a candidate, and instead, it is Jin, who travelled through time (and met Rosseau).
    • Ilana also stood at 2007 because she is not a candidate (see her recently discovered surname on episode 13).
    • Richard's status …
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