With the show coming to an end next year, it seems unlikely that the writers will be able to wrap up every mystery that has been laid out in just another 17 episodes, especially those that aren’t crucial to the main plot. With the amount of expectation that will have built up by January, its certain that some fans will feel short changed when their favourite minor mystery, suspected plot hole or implied bit of story doesn’t get explained.

Some friends and I thought that a good way to service this problem would be a tie-in graphic novel, a collection of short stories from various points across the series timeline. Different artist and writers could come in to work on individual strips, and Darlton could use it as an avenue to tell any little bits of story that didn’t make it into the show from any of the seasons. Here are some ideas we had for possible segments (assuming these don’t get covered in series 6- which some of them may well do):

1) Libby’s back-story

2) How Rousseau survived the purge (assuming it was indeed the deployment of gas from the tempest that caused it), and how was she able to change the transmission at the radio tower if Dharma were still on the island?

3) Matthew Abadon’s Walkabout

5) Why was Desmond in military prison

6) Walt forgiving Michael, perhaps after learning he’s dead

7) Who was ‘poking around’ in Faraday’s lab before Desmond?

8) The story of Dharma between 1977 and 1992, particularly Ranzinsky in the hatch and the arrival of Kelvin

9) How did Eloise leave the island, and her early relationship with Widmore

10) A story about Ben’s rise to power within the Others between 1977 and 1992

11) What happened to the real Henry Gale

12) To what extent does Dharma still exist in the present day, given that supply drops were still occurring after the crash of flight 815?

13) An explanation for The Others pregnancy problem

14) Who was it that built the pendulum in the lamppost and created the equations to find the island?

15) Something about the Others/Jacob’s/The nemesis’ early history

16) A flashback for some of our minor characters- maybe Mikhail, Tom, Frogurt, Scott and/or Steve, Vincent!

Many of these don’t focus on the main characters, but that’s because they are pretty certain to get their stories wrapped up in the show. Maybe we could get some of the old six degrees of separation cameos from main characters happening, just like old times! We've also left out things such as Richard, or the Black Rock, as this seems pretty safe season 6 territory.

Any other ideas for possible segments?

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