Just wondered what ideas people had on this. All the past openings have referenced the previous season's finale (i.e, showing the inside of the hatch, showing the others aren't hill billies, showing that people got off the island, seeing the FDW and introducing Time travel) whilst simultaneously throwing a complete curve ball at the audience.

If this pattern continues, my thoughts are that the opening scene of the season 6 premier has to feature Jacob and/or Otherman. Maybe them observing the crash of flight 815, as they did the arrival of the black rock? Maybe Otherman taking Locke's form? Maybe revealing that Otherman is the monster, or has a close relationship to it?

Or maybe the opening scene will reveal to us what happened to the 1977ers. Is the opening scene them landing at LAX? Could it be them being catapulted back into the islands present? Whatever it is I hope it has the great 'HOLY SHIT' quality of the season 2, 3 and 5 openers (as well as the opening of The Incident!)

What other ideas are out there?

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