I have seen this fact mentioned all over the site, but don’t remember ever hearing t referenced in the show, and so am a bit confused; How do we know that flight 316 travelled back in time to 2007, and that that’s where Locke, Ben, Sun and Frank now are. I’m sure this has been addressed on a previous blog but, well, there are a lot of blogs!

Yes, I know it suddenly changed from Night to Day from the passenger’s perspective before they crashed on Hydra Island, but where has this rather specific time come from? I just assumed there was a jump of a few hours due to the time flash they encountered, and didn’t think it could be anything more until I saw it in the Timeline section of the site. If anything I thought they may have jumped to the future (as the Hydra was abandoned, so it was likely to be post ‘There’s no place like home’), but it never occurred to me they could be a bit into the past. It’s probably just something I missed, but if someone could enlighten me...

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